Ranges of technology

We offer engineering solutions, ranging from one engineer through to an integrated team, with a commitment to achieve results in order to develop technological demonstrators right up to the certified product in various areas of the economy, from large groups to start-ups. We speed up innovation at our partners, liaising between research and industry.

Why us?

A versatile, disruptive technological innovation platform model with a number of operational and commitment methods.

We have no products and no factories. Our wide-ranging ecosystem of partners and suppliers handles the production of our solutions.

We are part of the open ecosystem, engaged in open innovation using design thinking.

We are diversified in terms of cutting edge technological areas of business, expertise and know-how.

We are free to make our own technological choices.

We are an innovation platform

We are independent, both strategically and in terms of capital.

We offer personalised, made-to-measure solutions.

We take a disruptive approach to technology transfers.

We use our technology to benefit mankind

Our expertise in various specialist areas working for your systems

Optics & Detection

Optical and optoelectronic design, Modelling,

Image processing,

Integration, Alignment & testing

Mechanical Engineering

A versatile, disruptive technological innovation platform model with a number of operational and commitment methods.


Designing analogue and digital cards, FPGA

Embedded software, Qualification / Certification

The Internet of Things


Development, Systems & Networks, the Internet of Things

Mobility, Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality

Dynamic interfaces


Complex system engineering,

Multi-disciplinary project management,

Integration, Assembly and Testing,

Industrialisation, Certification

And also:




Opto-electro-mechanical engineering

Well-established technology and a terrific team to support you. I can confirm that I’ve had the opportunity to test out the Sophia Engineering technology… let your imagination get the upper hand, it’s great.”

Ronan S.

Technology Director

Our various operational and commitment methods

With Sophia Engineering you can augment your industrial reality.



Sophia Engineering know-how video
Expertise in Augmented and Virtual Reality

Our solutions, proofs of concept, technological demonstrators and certified products

  1. Imaging and diagnostic systems
  2. On-board optical and optronics systems
  3. On-board electronic systems
  4. Propulsion systems
  5. Cryogenic systems
  6. Hydro-mechanical systems
  7. Digital systems
  8. Mechanical structures
  9. Testing equipment
  10. Tools

First-hand account

An extraordinary company which has a genuine culture of innovation rather than merely recycling existing systems”

Franck Proux

Founder and chairman at Wet Road Sensor