Ariane 6 project – Cryogenic Line


Design and manufacturing of cryogenic lines.

Improvement and optimisation of the lines for the Ariane 5 rocket

Monitoring from the PDR (preliminary design review) to the CDR (conception design

Management of thirty or so lines and pieces of equipment by the structural calculation divison. A pan-European project with a number of stakeholders (both internal and external)

Project management, schedule management, training of new recruits and continuous improvement of the deliverables (quality and deadline).

Our goals:
Handling contact with the design division: guaranteeing the implementation of the projects whilst adhering to quality/compliance goals and deadlines, in such a way as to ensure the satisfaction of the “internal client”, suggesting and looking for solutions, attending the design reviews.

– Managing the calculation team both internally and externally: Managing the team’s schedule, guaranteeing quality, deadlines and verification of the calculation/presentation notes along with updates to the calculation techniques when incoming data changed.

– Help with setting up a partnership with Sophia Engineering: technical expertise, setting up an overall technical proposal, taking part in sales meetings in order to decide on the scope and the introduction of tools, handling contact with the head of the division in order to guarantee that s/he is satisfied and feeding information back.


  1. 1

    Staying constantly in touch with the design and engineering firm:

    • Design review for the start of the calculations and presentation of the results
    • Introduction of a calculation protocol (breaking calculations down according to requirements in terms of design, verification and formalisation of the input data)
    • Setting up weekly and monthly reporting
    • Setting up standard design calculations in line with the design requirements and the demands of the client, i.e. the Ariane Group.
    • Standardisation and adaptation of the technical and quality tools, according to the development of the project and requests from clients.


  2. 2

    Managing the calculation team:

    • Managing the short and medium term schedule for the in-house teams.
    • Managing the long term schedule in order to assess the necessary resources
    • Managing outside subcontractors: Preparing quotes, receipt and checking of results, answers to technical questions.
    • Setting up the standardisation of the methods for the networking and presentation of results
    • Introducing quality tools
    • Training new recruits across all teams working on the project
    • Settng up weekly and monthly reporting


  1. 3

    Help with setting up a partnership with Sophia Engineering:

    • Help with formalising technical bids
    • Discussion with the head of division so that his or her expectations can be fed back.


Coming up with organisational solutions

Coming up with technical solutions

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