Design of projector-type glasses for bionic eyes


Developing a new generation of projector-type glasses, which allow the acquisition of the patient’s environment and the sending of images to a micro-computer placed in the patient’s pocket or on his or her belt. The computer then converts them into infrared signals in order to stimulate an implant placed on the optical nerve.


Miniaturisation du projecteur

Miniaturisation du système d’acquisition et de projection optique de la caméra d’observation

Développement de la partie acquisition

Transmission de signaux Infra Rouges IR

Conception et fabrication micro opto mécanique

Assemblage du prototype système complet en plusieurs exemplaires


Coming up with a system allowing AMD patients to recover their independence

The V2 designed by Sophia Engineering allows the central vision to be reconstructed whilst retaining the residual peripheral vision

Next project

Development of free-form imagers. R&D programme with a tripartite thesis produced by the Hubert Curien laboratory, Thales Alenia Space and Sophia Engineering