Building of the first vertical axis wind turbine, ANEMOOS 3

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The story has its beginnings on three continents, Jérôme Méplon was working in Africa and was looking for a way of producing energy to power telephone relay stations for isolated sites.
Meanwhile, in Quebec, a Canadian mechanical engineer by the name of Patrice Austin was developing an innovative vertical axis wind turbine, although it was still at the experimental stage. Jérôme Méplon discovered Patrice Austin’s solution. Meanwhile, in France, Jérôme Méplon’s friend Christophe Ollivier got some investor friends together to develop the Canadian idea.
Anemoos was set up in February 2011.
The Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, through His Excellency Mr Bernard Fautrier, saw the project as a sustainable energy production solution,
and Mr Fautrier organised a meeting between Thierry Mani (Atmosphère Group), Jérôme Méplon and Christophe Ollivier.
The decision was then taken to begin research and development on Anemoos 3 in order to turn something which was essentially a cottage industry into an industrial project.
Patrice Austin sat around a table with engineers from Sophia Engineering, an engineering centre of expertise based in Sophia Antipolis, in order to take up the challenge, which was to manufacture a high-performance wind turbine made of recycled polymer, which would itself be 100% recyclable.
In order to develop this Monaco/Alpes-Maritimes, Côte d’Azur-based industrial partnership, Christophe Ollivier and Jérôme Méplon set up Comodos in Monaco which began the research and development project with Anemoos in Carros, Rotoméca in Angoulême, Atmosphères Design in Monaco, Sophia Engineering in Sophia Antipolis and the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco.


  1. 1

    Design and validation of the manufacturing process for the vertical axis wind turbine system made of PED plastic by roto-moulding.

  2. 2

    Design using Catia V5

  3. 3

    Structural calculation analysis using Ansys Workbench

  1. 4

    Aerodynamic calculation analysis using Fluent

  2. 5

    Static and dynamic calculation

  3. 6

    Validation of design, performance, output and manufacturing process


The Anemoos 3 is a vertical axis wind turbine, designed to be made of recycled polymer. The system operates silently, with no visual impact and no vibration and it is entirely French-made.

The Anemoos 3 is a 100% recyclable stamped wind turbine and its carbon footprint is totally offset by the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco. The system weighs just 300 kg and measures just 120 cm; it has an annual production capacity of 2,665 kWh.

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