Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


Designing of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) functions: so that the vehicle locks, brakes, and accelerates actively according to the traffic conditions and handles the detection of pedestrians or any other obstacles. 

Improving road safety and increasing driver comfort. The ADAS function is an imponderable for autonomous vehicles.


  1. 1

    Drawing up of the requirements,

  2. 2

    Feasibility studies: moving from the theoretical calculations to the design, 

  3. 3

    Designation of the system’s desired input and output ports,

  4. 4

    Designing of a model using Matlab/Simulink,

  5. 5

    Validation of requirements using TPT to test the compliance of the model designed using Simulink,

  1. 6


  2. 7

    Correction of any design errors,

  3. 8

    Carrying out of on-track tests, in order to improve the Simulink model quality, and combining it with actual values,

  4. 9

    Final delivery of the Simulink model with the requirement validation files using TPT


Matching the necessary technical areas of expertise to the successful completion of the project with support from the client’s in-house team for maximum efficiency on this R&D project.


Testing software

Matlab Simulink

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