A revolutionary solution for the fourth industrial revolution


Using artificial intelligence to turn old generation machinery into Smart Factories.


  1. 1

    The client asked us to handle the full development of the electronics for the system, from the gateway right through to the device used to capture the vibrations. Sophia Engineering ports the AI algorithms onto an SOPC (Processors + FPGA), and industrialises the product for mass distribution.

  2. 2

    LTEM radio protocol expertise and research

  3. 3

    Definition of the system’s architecture

  4. 4

    Hardware, Software and Cloud

  5. 5

    Control and command management

  6. 6

    Definition of the data gathering protocols

  1. 7

    HMI Backend

  2. 8

    Treatment of the signal (analogue / digital)

  3. 9

    Acquisition of signals from MEMS accelerometers

  4. 10

    Unsupervised artificial intelligence algorithm

  5. 11

    Counting and preventive maintenance

  6. 12

    Drift analysis and alerts


The solution connects the machines and collects data from them using the vibrations they generate.

This allows us both to monitor production and to assess and optimise performance. Using analytical algorithms and artificial intelligence, this means it is possible to fine-tune the management of the whole operation of a production line remotely from a smartphone!

Its concept was presented at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget in June 2019.

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