We speed up innovation with electronic systems

  1. The development of innovative solutions within an ecosystem
  2. Custom development and qualification of innovative systems
  3. Commitment on certified electronic, optronic, optoelectronic and mechatronic products and systems
  4. Creation of Proofs of Concept, prototypes, testing equipment and certified products
  5. Going into production
  6. Guarantee of technological independence

Our range of technological products and services apply to:

  1. Specialist work package,
  2. System work package,
  3. Building systems


  1. Multi-sectoral areas of expertise
  2. Medtech & health
  3. Smart Factory
  4. The Internet of Things
  5. Aeronautical industry
  6. Space industry
  7. Defence & Security
  8. Smart & Safe Cities


  1. Hardware & FPGA
  2. Embedded Software
  3. Help with industrialisation
  4. System

Electronic & FPGA cards


  1. Acquisition chains (video, audio, etc.)
  2. Interfacing of sensors 
  3. Power supplies
  4. Spice simulations
  5. EMF expertise


  1. CPU 
  2. FPGA
  3. Memory (Flash, DDR, QDR, SRAM, etc.)
  4. Transceivers (Ethernet, SFP, USB, etc.)
  5. Bus (PCI, PCI-E, VME, CAN, MODBUS, etc.)
  6. Clock management


  1. Architecture (conventional FPGA or SOPC)
  2. Design (functional specification)
  3. Choice of target, integration on card support
  4. Coding (VHDL)
  5. IP integration
  6. Drawing up Verification and Validation plans
  7. Simulations (behavioural, routed)
  9. Validation on card


  1. Prototyping tools (mini-reflow oven, welding stations)
  2. Local or national partners for the assembly of the complex or serial cards


  1. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  3. GSM, GPRS, 3/4G
  4. GPS
  5. Integration of protocol stack into CPU + RF Modem or use of module


  1. Diagram
  2. Placement
  3. Routing
  4. Signal integrity simulations
  5. 2 to 16 layers, Conventional/laser Vias, conventional BGA/QFN packages

Embedded software

Software Layers

  1. Driver development
  2. Design and porting of protocol layers
  3. Embedded application
  4. HMI (Embedded, PC, Mobile)

OS, RTOS, Bare Metal  

  1. Linux “from scratch”
  2. Contiki
  3. µTasker
  4. RTOS (Embedded Linux RTAI, VxWorks, eCOS, FREE RTOS)


  1. 8/16 Bits (AT/XMEGA, PIC, 8051) 
  2. 32 Bits (SAM7, SAM9, PIC32, STM32, Coldfire, IMX6)


  1. IDE: Eclipse, ATMEL, Microchip, ST, Freescale
  2. GNU Toolchain
  3. Version monitoring: GIT
  4. Bug tracking: Bugzilla, Jira


  1. TCP/IP, MAC/PHY, AT Commands
  2. GPS (NMEA, dead reckoning)
  3. 6LoWPAN, Wi-Fi, ETH, BT, SigFox, Lora
  4. MODBUS, CANOpen

Building systems

System Design

  1. Deciding on the architecture
  2. Deciding on the Interfaces (electrical, mechanical, optical, software)
  3. Design justification documents
  4. IVVQ


  1. MTBF calculation (MIL HDBK217F), EDVL
  2. IF and functional AMDECs
  3. Operational safety
  4. User manuals, training courses
  5. Preventive and corrective maintenance manuals
  6. MCO
  7. Obsolescence management

Qualification / Certification

  1. EC and UL/CSA marking
  2. MIL STD 810, GAM EG13

Environmental constraints

  1. Thermal / Humidity
  2. Ambient pressure
  3. Impacts / Vibrations
  4. EMC, Electrical Safety
  5. ROHS, REACH, DEEE, 0 Halogen

Help with industrialisation

  1. Optimisation of Nomenclature
  2. Design For Manufacturing
  3. Design For Test
  4. Drawing up of Integration Verification Validation procedure
  5. Intellectual property: the definition and manufacturing files belong to the client at the end of the project

“Sophia Engineering plays a pivotal role because its work is a very long way up the innovation chain and offers disruptive solutions within the French landscape.”

Jean-Marc Gambaudo

Chancellor of the Université Côté d'Azur