Reservoir Design Engineering


Involvement in the drawing up of technical documents and deliverables, plus updates to existing documents in the client database for the purposes of various projects.

Monitoring of tests (Occurrence Analysis Report) and drawing up of test reports

Management and coordination of action taken for the purposes of various projects in order to ensure they progress (monitoring of tests, validation of documents, etc.)

Handling the updating of various documents within the requested lead times

Adherence to clients’ deadlines and setting milestones within the various stated technical support times


  1. 1

    Management and coordination of the action taken for the purposes of various different projects

  2. 2

    Chairing meetings, setting up various kinds of action, monitoring and implementation of the action

  3. 3

    Working together both internally and externally (various activities on the site/internal and external labs/suppliers)

  4. 4

    Drawing up reports

  1. 5

    Drawing up technical documents

  2. 6

    Ongoing communications with the client

  3. 7

    Travelling for the purposes of the project (workshops and setting of milestones on the client’s premises)


Commitment, Reactivity, Sharing and Communication. Sophia Engineering’s Centres of Expertise got involved to provide support for the technical assistance work




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