• Our line management structure is kept short, with small teams of from 10 to 15 consultants
    One of Sophia Conseil’s special features is the fact that each project engineer manages small teams of from 10 to 15 consultants and being organised in this way means that we really can listen to what each and every one of our clients has to say and then offer a truly personalised service. The line management structure is also kept short – there are never more than two people between any individual consultant and the chairman, which helps to make sure that information is passed around and fosters direct relationships within Sophia Conseil.
  • Consultants can draw on support from the project engineers and specialists in the various areas in which we operate
    None of our consultants are ever on their own – they are all supported by a project engineer and a technical manager, whose doors are always open. They can also ask the other teams for help, as long as they keep their own projects confidential.
  • Intranet
    Consultants have access to the intranet which offers a database covering the projects handled by Sophia Conseil and can thus get in touch with consultants who have dealt with issues similar to their own.
  • Teamwork is encouraged
    The way in which project engineers are paid encourages them to share information and to work together as a team in order to satisfy clients’ needs, especially when it comes to offering them some of the rarer skills. Similarly, any consultant who comes across a difficulty which has already been handled by another team can get in touch with them straightaway.