Sophia Conseil was founded by Vincent David, the company’s current chairman, in 2005. As he had been working in the field of technical and scientific consulting up until that time, he soon realised the limitations of the services offered by consulting firms using a conventional economic model.

At the end of 2002, he had the idea of setting up his own consulting firm and decided that it had to be something far more than just a company, in other words a model and a vision designed to change the very rules of consulting.

After maturing for two years, the idea became a reality. The plan was that the company should work for its consultants’ benefit by placing them at the very heart of its organisation and guaranteeing them the best possible working conditions. This means that the company can attract and secure the loyalty of the best consultants and offer services of a kind which no other “conventional” engineering company is able to provide.

Sophia Conseil was founded on the basis of five key commitments to our consultants: the ability to choose their own projects among the proposed client projects; mobility; the freedom to catch up with a client; ongoing training and a pay package providing real motivation tailored to each individual employee.

This is the key to our success! Over the years, the company’s development model has proven itself to be the right one and offers the company real potential for growth.