IT is a wondeful transormation vector of companies. Our needs and our purposes change constanly according to permanent innovations. The social media, mobile applications, automated business processes take part of our everyday routine, age of Internet and communicating objects.


In Sophia Conseil, innovation, expertise, consulting and methodology are the skills we can provide in order to quickly transform your ideas into value.

Beyond the purely IT projects to meet the requirements of multi-domain projects, Sophia Conseil has formed a technology ecosystem consisting of five design & engineering departements.

We can offer a whole range of services handling all stages of your project cycle :

  • Project management / leadership
  • Specific development and configurations
  • Audits, study and application development
  • Integration of external solutions
  • Embedded systems, IoT & mobile
  • Regulatory and technology watch
  • Training and assistance
  • Capitalisation and feedback

Service offer :

We Offer fix-priced projects as complete or needy packages. According to your needs we can realize the project in situ in Project Management Support, cycle in V or Scrum.

To increase quality, reduce delays and costs, we have implemented a real industrialized IT platform. Your satisfaction, the key to our success, is in the center of our organization in project mode. We have put in place monitoring tools and a set of continuous integration tools with automated tests that increase quality, reduce regression and allow batch deliveries if necessary. If your needs and priorities change during the development phase and if you have a strong constraint of time to market, we offer the AGILE method of collaboration and our industrialized IT platform where you can redefine the scope of development for each batch of the next delivery. Then, you eliminate the risk of obsolescence even before putting your product or service in place. Our policy is to support you beyond the project by offering services such as training, Technical Expertise, TMA or hotline support.

Our digital team

At Sophia Conseil, we think that the best way to satisfy our client consist in offering the services of the motivated and competent team. Our virtuous and innovative management model offers our employees an engineering environment covering various skills, changes in team spirit, merit and challenge, meeting the ambitions for fulfillment.

This is why Sophia Conseil, labeled by Great Place To Work® 2015 had won the Hackhathon 2013.

Sample projects