Optics & Detection Engineering Unit

The Optics and Detection centre of expertise was set up in January 2007 and engages in four main areas of activity:

  • Technical assistance on integrated team projects carried out on our clients’ premises
  • Full fixed package studies carried out at our design and engineering department based on our own Sophia Antipolis, Cannes, Paris and Toulouse sites.
  • Research & development on innovative projects working as part of a consortium.
  • Training and education

The enormous diversity of our engineers’ skills offers vital expertise during all of the phases involved in building an instrument, simultaneously combining optics, optoelectronics, electronics, materials and mechanical and thermal engineering. Our main areas of application are the Space industry, Defence, Energy, Micro-lithography, Observation, Photography and Projection, LED lighting and New Energies such as Solar Power.

Our team of engineers and doctors are currently working to make the Optics Centre even more dynamic and we have been gratified that, amongst others, THALES ALENIA SPACE, the CNES (Centre National d’Études Spatiales – National Centre for Space Studies), SAGEM DEFENCE SÉCURITÉ, THALES ANGENIEUX, NEXTER, VINCI CONSTRUCTION and the AUCHAN GROUP all see us as a trusted partner.

The Centre’s structure thus means that we can offer full services from the delivery of instruments and design studies which we handle on our own premises right through to the implementation phases carried out on our clients’ premises, also including the selection of suppliers, cost analysis and market studies, grouped together under three main headings:

  • Instrumentation and optical engineering ;
  • Integrated engineering and optical tests on instruments or subassemblies ;
  • Carrying out of optical benchmarking and the exploitation of existing optical resources.

Instrumentation and optical engineering

This expertise covers the areas of optical design studies, stray light, radiometry and test predictions.

The optical design activities, carried out using CODEV and ZEMAX software, mainly relate to:

  • The design, modelling and optimisation of optical systems (or instruments) taking their industrial feasibility into account.
  • Optical analysis
  • Full optical tolerancing
  • The EUV, UV, DUV, VIS, NIR and IR spectral bands.

Studies of stray light, carried out using ASAP and ZEMAX software, include:

  • Full instrument modelling (optical components, mechanics, detection, etc.);
  • The VIS, IR and IRT spectral bands
  • deciding upon properties for paints and coatings;
  • The mechanical dimensioning of baffles
  • The modelling of stray light (ghost images, diffused light).

The radiometry and test prediction activities, carried out using ASAP and ZEMAX software, include:

  • Modelling of radiometric performances;
  • Studying the sensitivity of a radiometric performance;
  • Simulating the development of an illumination;
  • An analysis of the energy response according to the spectrum and the angle of incidence.

 Optics & Detection Engineering Departement

Integrated engineering and optical tests on instruments or subassemblies

Integrated engineering activities and optical tests are carried out either as Technical Assistance or on our premises and relate to:

  • The drawing up of the test plan
  • Deciding upon the ground resources required for the purposes of validating the performances
  • The drawing up of the test procedure
  • The sequence of events for the performance test
  • The characterisation of the instrument
  • The characterisation of the instrument

  • The development of an acquisition interface including signal and image processing

Carrying out of optical benchmarking tests or exploitation of existing optical resources.

This expertise covers the areas of design studies and the carrying out of benchmarking and includes the following:

  • The drawing up and implementation of tests on the hardware provided
  • The management of suppliers
  • The taking of measurements
  • The technical management (calibration, tracking of faults, etc.) of the equipment


  • Design and tolerancing :
  • Definition and innovation of the preliminary concepts
  • Realisation of the design
  • Industrialisation Phase
  • Modelling and optimisation :
    • Stray light
    • Thermal
    • Radiometry
    • Polarization
    • Confirmation and performance reviews
    • Test predictions
    • Image processing
    • HMI Developpement
    • Assembly, Integration & Test :
      • Bench integration
      • Optical alignement
      • Measurement campaign
      • Prototyping (FTM test-bench, Test and control benches, Colorimeter test-benches, HDR Imaging bench etc.)
      • Consulting, Technical Audit & Technological Watch
      • Training
      • Ingénierie Propreté

Application Fields

  • Space Industry
  • Defence
  • Imaging
  • Photovoltaics
  • Energy
  • Micro-lithography
  • Lighting
  • Biotechnology
  • Optronics
  • Cosmetics

Ressources matérielles et informatiques

  • CodeV
  • Zemax
  • ASAP
  • LightTools
  • Matlab
  • Scilab
  • Labview
  • Visual Studio

Services offer

  • Technical Support
  • Service Center
  • Work-Package Offer
  • Turnkey solutions