Electronics design and engineering department

Skills :

  • Expertise on ARM microcontroller (MCU) architecture
  • Expertise on Embedded Linux (porting, low level and driver development, real time constraints, applications).
  • Expertise on FPGA design and development (architecture, custom development services, IP integration, placement and routing optimization).
  • Expertise in product industrialization targeting domains such as  automobile, wide public, military, and aviation.  

Application areas :

  • Communicating solutions
  • Test Bench
  • Electronics
  • Microelectronics
  • Radio Frequency
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Community
  • Lighting
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Automobile
  • Industrial
  • Aviation/ Spatial
  • Defence
  • Health

Ressources :

  • Embedded software and real time operating systems :

Open source:

  •  OSs:
    • Linux
    • Contiki
    • FreeRTOS
  • Protocols: IEEE 802.15.4, RPL, 802.11S, 802.11
  • Hardware expertise :

Schematic Software and Placement and Routing – CAO

  • FPGA expertise :

Routing and Synthesis Simulation Software  (VHDL, VERILOG)

  • Mentor ModelSim
  • Wiring Expertise :

Prototyping chain (Mini oven with refusion);
Recovery CMS, welding set;
Panel of  providers specialized in board assembly and mechatronics.

Service offer :

Offer  fix-priced projects as complete or needy packages:

  • From support and specifications drafting to the  production of certified series.
  • Costs definition and planning actions to effectively follow-up the business.
  • Trainings and technical support adequate for proper implementation and maintenance phases.

Key projects :

WiSNet :

WisNet is a technological proprietary solution dedicated to internet of things that refers to three main features:

  • Sensors or Motes :
  • Main feature: environnement surveillance (WiSMote)
  • End-point Gate Way
  • Fonctionality : Sensor network Control (WiSGate)
  • User Interface :
    Main feature:  The User Interface enables the remote control,  online surveillance,  and statistics drawings (wiscada)


  • Remote Public Lighting System :
  • Ignition/Extinction/Gradation by area
  • Scenarios Programming
  • Detection of defective lamps/ballast + lamps that reached their end of  life
  • Measurement of real-time electricity consumption
  • Support of various lamps: HID, Sodium, LED, etc.
  • Presence Detection
  • Management of festive lighting
  • Services dedicated to Public Sector:
  • Energy billing cost optimization
  • Suppression of <<night rounds>>
  • Maintenance anticipation
  • Inline UE2020 <<Climate and Energy Policy>>
  • Regulations
  • Brand image



allowing to carry out real time  air quality preventives and measurements by means of  RF networks or GPRS M2M modules.

  • Air quality analysis indoor related (offices, industrial workplace) or outdoor related (urban spaces)
  • Generation of alarms in case of crisis situation (unhealthy  building indoors)
  • Surveying the efficiency of the ventilation system.

Autonomous Sensors :

  • Ambiental: temperature, humidity, and pressure measurements
  • PM: Fine particulate matter
  • COV: Volatile Organic Compounds  (COV) Measurements

Realisations :