All the various engineering skills are represented by staff at Sophia Conseil and these are broken down into our cutting edge skills centers:

Electronic Design Engineering Departement is specialized in embedded system and/or rugged electronics designs. Our skills in electronics circuit design, FPGA, microprocessor firmware development allow us to work on IOT/M2M, smart & safe cities, defense and health markets. We help our clients –start-up, SME, big companies – throughout the V cycle and during industrialization of their products.

Optics & Detection Engineering Unit is specialized in design, modelling and prototyping of innovative optical and optronic systems.
We offer services gathered into three key themes:

  • Instrumentation and optical engineering
  • Engineering in integration and tests of optical instruments or sub-assemblies
  • Realization of the optical test benches and exploitation of ground support equipments.

Mechanical Design and Engineering Departement is specialized in design and mechanical dimensioning of mechanical systems and in the study of complex phenomena such as mechanical vibration.

We have developed followed skills :

  • Design of complete mechanical systems or mechanical subsystems
  • Structural numerical simulation
  • Industrialization through the FMEA, analysis of the value and components

Digital Business Departement assists our customers in their Information architecture, Line of Business and prospective projets. Our focus on innovation leverages IoT, Mobility, Machine Learning and Data Analytics to demultiply their business effectiveness.

Our ecosystem allows us to create and then make the most of new areas of expertise in design and engineering departments.