Our original core business is Technical Assistance. It is the mainstay for the development of our innovation platform, which acts as a link between R&D and industry, and makes the most of our skills and expertise in human resources, the sciences and technology.

The Innovation PlatformConsolidation of resources in order to provide the resources to carry out any R & D project and innovation.

At Sophia Conseil we offer a range of four services:

  • Technical Assistance : 

    Providing technical support along with Technical Assistance advice and expertise within our clients’ projects.

  • Expertise and Training :

    Supporting our clients by helping them find a way through the technological and strategic complexity of their projects and also setting up support systems.

  • The Service Centre :

    This approach allows access to a comprehensive repository of skills, on the client’s own site, which means that a team of Sophia Conseil consultants can provide an end-to-end service based upon a service contract incorporating the key performance indicators.

  • Design and Engineering Departments :

    Our cutting edge skills centres are results-driven and get involved all the way from the functional definition of a technology right through until it goes into production at our clients’ facilities.

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