The space innovation work we do sets out to increase what we know about our planet, its immediate environment in space, the Solar System and the Universe. It also aims to develop space technologies and satellite-based services, to promote the space industries across the world, to encourage research and to ensure each country’s competitiveness in this field.

Innovative space projects fall within a wide variety of fields including space science, manned flights, exploration, observation of the Earth, launch vehicles, navigation, telecommunications and technology.

Tomorrow’s on-board systems will be increasingly complex, based on micro-nano systems and machine molecules which are themselves incorporated into systems with complex architectures. The R&D work will be on materials, nano-systems, energy conversion, propulsion, software engineering, the architecture of on-board systems and digital models.

Sophia Conseil assists the major players in the European and Swiss space industry such as intergovernmental organisations (the CNES and the ESA) in the development of innovative solutions offering real added value. So the way that we are organised allows us to offer you:

  • work on all levels carried out either on the premises of our partners in the space sector or within our own design and engineering department: from the technician to the project manager.
  • work carried out within various different fields ranging from propulsion to optics, mechanical design and calculation simulation or in electrical and electronic engineering relating to the conversion of energy.

Sample projects:

› Analysis of stray light and mechanical dimensioning for SPICA (Space Sector)› Design study for an LRA (Laser Reflector Array)