The motor industry is organised in the shape of a pyramid, with the vehicle manufacturers at the top and the equipment manufacturers who supply them with subassemblies in the middle.

The base of the pyramid is made up of subcontracting companies (engineering and production) who work on “sub-sub” assemblies and basic parts.

In the current climate, the motor industry is affected by serious changes (the increasing power of Asian manufacturers, the emergence of new markets, the demands of consumers, regulations, the rising prices of raw materials). Manufacturers are being forced to revise their economic models and the whole of the industry needs to engage in root-and-branch changes.

Sophia Conseil helps major French and international companies to develop innovative solutions offering genuine added value. Our economic model allows us to recruit highly-motivated consultants and the way that we are organised means that we can offer you:

  • work covering the whole of the cycle using the V model,
  • skilled operatives who can work on related specialities (mechanical and thermal engineering, electronics, materials),
  • flexibility and responsiveness for your organisation.