Only constant innovation in the aeronautical industry can help to retain leadership on markets which are subject to constant international competition.

So the needs of the aeronautical industry have to be supported by sufficient development of higher training, technological research and technical assistance. The goal is to produce demonstrators in order to validate the feasibility, reliability and costs of a particular innovation.

The R&D work relates – amongst other things – to new materials, mechanical engineering, micro and nanotechnologies and modelling (simulation by intensive calculation) and the goal is to produce lighter, quieter, cheaper, safer aircraft which adhere to all regulations.

Sophia Conseil helps the major level 1 and 2 aircraft manufacturers and aeronautical equipment manufacturers in the development of innovative solutions offering real added value. So the way that we are organised allows us to offer you :

  • work on all levels carried out either on the premises of our partners in the aeronautical sector or within our own design and engineering department: from the designer to the programme director.
  • work carried out within various different fields including hydromechanical engineering, CAD-based mechanical design (mainly using CATIA V5 developed by DASSAULT SYSTÈMES), calculation simulation or getting involved in the management of complex projects or monitoring benchmarking tests.

Réalisations :› Study of Landing Gear Joint Supervision of CIFRE Thesis › Study of the risks of aircraft pilot being blinded by glares during the approach phase